Frequently Asked Questions

When does the run start?

We suggest arriving at the run location around 6:30 to allow for parking. We start every run at 6:45 p.m. sharp.

How far do you run?

Routes are typically between 3-5 miles, with options to cut short or extend distance. You are not required to run the designated route!

What pace groups do you include?

Our group is non-competitive, so we are inclusive to all pace groups. If you don’t have someone to run with, we will make sure you don’t run alone!

Can I leave my stuff behind during the run?

At nearly every run, we will have someone that stays behind to watch all bags and items. If we don’t have anyone, we will store everything in the locked trunk of a club admin.

Do you cancel for bad weather?

We never have and never will! The only times we will not have a run on the schedule are on Thanksgiving Day or if Christmas Day falls on a Thursday.

How can I plan a run?

We have a set rotation to plan runs regularly, but we always encourage new members to plan a route. Find an admin or trail coordinator at any run to plan a future run!

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